2012 the year for growth!

Many of you know that Internet Truckstop has retired our Classic 2.0, two weeks ago. With Classic 3.0 and Truckstop.com being pushed more for users and the Classic 2.0 users trying to get used to how to work the new interfaces there has been some bugs reported that needed to be addressed and fixed.

First off we have had a few folks asking for certain types of equipment to be added into our database. Now we offer, DA (Drive Away), DDE (Double Drop) and SDE (Step Deck Extendable).

Our trainers helping users that were new to Classic 3.0 and Truckstop.com, noticed that users were jumping back and forth between both sites. While posting in one site then looking at results in both, there were discrepancies between the results on the sites. A bug was reported and is now being answered, so this is for users that are going to both sites, we have now fixed the site to have the same results when searching for loads and trucks.

Here in Idaho we know how harsh and crazy the weather can be, specially during the winter months. We had received a bug report from a user that was using Internet Explorer (note: Internet Truckstop supports Firefox over Internet Explorer, if you are using our site and things are a little odd, please use the Firefox download and use that interface with Truckstop.com or Classic 3.0), and when they were checking the details page for load routes the weather was getting cut off at the bottom. They were only able to see half the information that they were needing. We have fixed that bug and now users still using Internet Explorer will now see the weather side by side. 

Lastly, users who were updating a post for any reason noticed it read “Post” instead of “Update”, this has been fixed so that it doesn’t look like users are posting the same thing twice. If you’re one for resolutions, instead of trying to lose weight or quit smoking or biting your nails, try choosing a word that will impact your everday. This year’s word for us is “GROWTH”, we are here to help grow your company. Everyone here at Internet Truckstop would like to wish you a Happy New Year! 2012 the year for growth!

ITS Website Changes

WOW, all I can say is the first few days of December have been CRAZY here at Internet Truckstop. But never the less do we have some changes that most of you have probably noticed already. Our development team has been working their fingers to the bone working on changes that our customers (you guys) have asked to change, so without further ado here are a few…

First off is something fairly little but it holds a lot of big power, customers can now click on “Terms & Conditions” and they will have a pop-up of the Terms & Conditions.

We also had people asking for “Visiload” to be part of Classic 3.0. For those who are new users, “Visiload” is a carrier tool. When a carrier is searching for loads, what this tool does is show physically on a map where the loads are going and is colored coordinated by when the load was posted.

Lastly, on truckstop.com we incorporated in a “Log out” button when we launched the site. Then when Classic 3.0 was launched, there wasn’t a log out button but there was enough need from our customers that we incorporated that as well. While we are discussing Classic 3.0 another change has been made. A few weeks ago when we launched the new site, we were requiring customers to have additional tools to be able to use the site, that has now since passed. If you like Classic 3.0 and prefer to use it over truckstop.com you can without any extra charges!