With a slight decrease in the Market Demand Index, the industry is still looking promising.

There was a 5% decrease in the ITS Market Demand Index (MDI) last week. Numbers are moving up for load availability/ searching and truck availability/searching.

The overall average equipment rate decreased with specialized truck rates being the only equipment type to increase.

We are seeing an increase in the fuel prices from last week. The lowest average cost of fuel is $3.53 and the highest is $3.88.

“The week-over-week increase in loads is a misleading artifact of the mid-week holiday during the previous week. Current loads are lower compared to volumes in June of both 2012 and 2011. With consumer confidence declining, look to this Tuesday’s upcoming Industrial Production for June as a key metric for the outlook for trucking.” Jeremy West, Internet Truckstop Economist

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Trans4Cast for the week.

The ITS Market Demand Index (MDI) decreased 18% to 14.09 from 17.22 the previous week. Load availability decreased 29% and Load searching decreased 16% from the previous week. We saw Truck availability decreased 11% while  Truck searching decreased 38% and the overall average equipment rate decreased slightly to $2.29 from $2.30 the previous week.

Fuel prices remained unchanged at $3.65 per gallon from the previous week.

This week marks the first time during 2012 that MDI and load availability have dropped below their respective 2011 levels. Weak manufacturing data continue to support declining trucking volumes. On a positive note, the Census Bureau released a report this week showing gains in residential construction. However, the outlook for trucking during the second half of 2012 continues to look shaky.

Trans4Cast: MDI Increases


The ITS Market Demand Index (MDI) increased 9% to 17.22 from 15.86 the previous week.  Load availability increased 5% compared to the previous week while Load Searching decreased. We saw truck availability decrease while truck searching increased. The overall average equipment rate increased 1%.


Fuel prices continue to decrease it it did 2% this go around.


The MDI increase this week was driven nearly equally by a rise in available loads and a decline in truck capacity. Truck capacity is now underperforming relative to seasonality. Although the MDI may fluctuate for a week or two, expect a declining trend to hold for the next few months.  To see a full report of the Trans4Cast please visit:


Trans4Cast: MDI Decreases

The ITS Market Demand Index (MDI) decreased 4% to 15.86 from 16.6 the previous week. Load availability decreased 5% compared to the previous wee and truck availability increased 1%. Truck
searching decrease and the overall average equipment rate decreased slightly as well.

We did see a decrease in fuel prices though.

This week, the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) revised downward their projection for GDP growth in 2012 to 1.9-2.4%, with this revised range dropping half of a percentage point from the April projection. Coupled with weakening manufacturing indices and slowing retail sales, this presents a gloomy outlook for trucking. One brighter outlook, however, is that fuel prices should continue to fall. To see a full report of the Trans4Cast please visit:

Press Release – Carriers and Freight Brokers Join Internet Truckstop for Free Sales Lead Webinar

 Carriers and Freight Brokers Join Internet Truckstop for Free Sales Lead Webinar

NEW PLYMOUTH, Idaho, June 8, 2012--Internet Truckstop, the largest web-based freight matching service in the transportation industry, hosted a free webinar for the last week. Last week’s theme attracted over 600 industry professionals to register. The webinar was titled Do you need new Shipper clients, but hate cold calling? Internet Truckstop’s Corporate Trainer, Pat Dickard discussed this topic and answered other related questions from industry professionals who attended the webinar.

Increasing business is a very hot topic for carriers and freight brokers today and finding a resource that provides transportation industry specific leads can save a company valuable time and money. Friday’s webinar provided attendees with an opportunity to view a live demo of the lead and customer relationship management system, ShipperMate® . This Internet Truckstop tool provides user’s access to millions of prospective shipper clients in the transportation industry including LTL, truckload, rail and air.

“The ITS Business Webinar Series provides tips combined with tools and services that help industry professionals create an informed sales call when seeking new customers.” According to Pat, “finding qualified leads in new markets is time consuming so having tools available to shorten the process of qualifying new potential customers is vital”.

Lisa Masters, President of NavaTrans Inc. said, “I have been in this business for 20 years, I’d like to personally thank you for the presentation and to let you know that I actually learned something new! I thoroughly enjoyed the talk you gave. Very Informative. ”

About Internet Truckstop
Founded in 1995, Internet Truckstop is the first and largest freight matching service on the web. Internet Truckstop offers more tools than any other freight matching service available. These easy-to-use tools, the largest freight database, and a commitment to the transportation industry make Internet Truckstop the leader in Internet freight matching.

What is ShipperMate®: a real time data base that provides shippers freight spend and seasonal shipping patterns. A lead management funnel allows an administrator the ability to view each sales person’s sales funnel and task lists all within this system. There are direct links to Thomas Net Directory, Edgar Directory, Google Link to Company Website, Trans4Cast, Internet Truckstop RateMate® Information, and Credit Scores.

For more information on ShipperMate® visit the web site or call 1-800-203-2540 x 8549. Source: Stephanie Sternes 800-203-2540 ext. 6186