Trans4Cast – MDI Increases

With a 3% increase to the ITS Market Demand Index (MDI) shows we might have a head start on the summer season in the trucking industry. Load and truck availability have also increased and the overall average equipment rate increased as well.

We see the fuel prices are still decreasing slightly.

The increase this week halted a six-week decline in the weekly MDI. Supported in part by strong manufacturing volumes, this break in trend may indicate an early start to the summer seasonal increase in volumes. However, the continuing disconnect between fuel prices and equipment rates remains concerning. To see a full report of the Trans4Cast please visit:

Top 5 trucking apps to have

We are pleased to announce that in the May 2012, ATBS Owner-Operator newsletter they feature the ‘Top 5 Must Have Trucking Apps’. On that list there are two that come with great quality and usefulness. ITS Trucker ranked #4 and uDrove ranked #5.

ITS Trucker is a free download with a monthly subscription to Internet Truckstop. ITS Trucker is available to download on Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 4.0 or later). This app allows you access to Internet Truckstop’s industry leading load board, which you can also search for freight and post your truck right from the app. The app has a variety of useful features as the ‘Get Me Home’ button which quickly lists loads available in a certain radius to your home base. There is also a direct dial function that allows you to touch on the contact number of any company on the screen and it automatically dials them for you. The app also shows any value added tools you may have such as Credit Stop Broker and the Days2Pay feature.

uDrove is also a free download with a monthly subscription to uDrove. The uDrove app is available to download Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 4.0 or later) as well. Udrove replaces in-cab paperwork and delivers the data collected from the app instant to your own web account. uDrove is a faster and more reliable way to maintain in cab paper work. There are plenty of features this app allows such as, maintaining your driver logs, mileage tracking, and proof of delivery confirmation, vehicle inspection reports and real time load tracking.

These are both free downloads and available at We also offer FLT Logistics, CoPilot Truck, ITS Broker and Roady’s Directory.

Trans4Cast News Update

This week in the transportation industry the MDI decreased by 1%. There were increases and decreases in load availability and load searching. Fuel prices are continuing to decrease.

Trucking demand has declined for several weeks, yet equipment rates have continued to increase, reaching a nearly eleven month high this week. This has occurred despite falling fuel prices and a nearly flat supply of available capacity. Although some of the rate increase is attributable to seasonal factors (e.g. Reefer rates), cost-driven rate increases could bode poorly for the upcoming peak season.

For a full report of the Trans4Cast please visit,

Trans4Cast – Increases in load and truck searching

After a flat week last week, the transportation industry numbers have increased some. The ITS MDI did decrease, but load searching, truck searching, overall equipment rate and truck turnaround have all increased.

Fuel prices have remained unchanged from last week, the lowest fuel prices are averaging at $3.91 per gallon.

Following a larger than usual spike in March and early April, trucking volumes have returned to their seasonal trend. For a full version of the Trans4Cast please visit

Trans4Cast – Rates stay relatively flat

For the week of April 30, 2012 the market trends have remained relatively flat compared to last week. With slight increases on reefer rates and truck turnaround and slight decreases on load searching, truck availability and truck searching, this is pattern that we see in mid-spring before the peak of the season in the next few weeks.  If you would like more information about the trends for this week visit:

Press Release: Internet Truckstop Launches Paid Shipper Rates

Internet Truckstop Launches Paid Shipper Rates

New Plymouth, Idaho, April 25, 2012–Internet Truckstop, the largest web-based freight matching service in the transportation industry, has added paid shipper rates as part of the existing RateMate® service. This product enhancement represents another of the many innovative tools that Internet Truckstop designs for their customers.

This new feature includes 30, 60 and 90 days of paid shipper rate data provided by thousands of shippers over the last few years. The database of companies submitting rates includes all aspects of the shipping industry from small companies to fortune 500 companies and includes rates paid to carriers and brokers.

“Providing our customers with tools that allow them to compete in the most efficient and effective way is a goal that keeps us creating new products”, says Leigh Foxall, Director of Freight Matching, Internet Truckstop. “The enhancement of paid shipper rate data allows Internet Truckstop members to have an advantage when competing for business in the transportation industry. “

About Internet Truckstop
Founded in 1995, Internet Truckstop is the first and largest freight matching service on the web. Internet Truckstop offers more tools than any other freight matching service available. These easy-to-use tools, the largest freight database, and a commitment to the transportation industry make Internet Truckstop the leader in Internet freight matching. For more information on Spot Market Posted Rates, Paid Rates, and Shipper Rates visit or call 1-800-203-2540 x 8549

Stephanie Sterns
800-203-2540 ext. 6186

Trans4Cast 4/23/12

This hasn’t been the best week for the Trans4Cast numbers, but there are some positives to this week’s numbers. The ITS Market Demand Index decreased for the third week in a row after a major spike at 16.87%. Load searching boosted another 6%, while truck availability decreased.

The overall average equipment rate remained unchanged, while flatbed rates stayed the same, reefer rates increased and van rates increased.

Fuel prices decreased to $4.11. We are seeing that retail prices should be pulling back because of slowing in global economic growth.

If you would like to see this report in full detail please go to

Truck searching increases by 16%

Two major increases in the trucking industry last week, we have a 17% increase on the ITS Market Demand Index and a 16% increase in truck searching.  The hot regions contributing to the increase in load availability are: Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Alabama, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.

The overall average equipment rate is continuing to increase, with flatbed and reefer rates rising 2% and van rates rose 4%.

Fuel prices flattened this last week. Washington, California, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Vermont, and Arizona had the highest fuel prices at an average of $4.37 per gallon. Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Virginia, South Carolina, Iowa, Mississippi, Tennessee, Colorado, and Nebraska had the lowest fuel prices at an average of $3.98 per gallon.

Available freight loads have increased for ten consecutive weeks. As capacity continues to tighten, this should continue providing support for higher lane rates. To read the full version of Trans4Cast, visit: