Top 5 trucking apps to have

We are pleased to announce that in the May 2012, ATBS Owner-Operator newsletter they feature the ‘Top 5 Must Have Trucking Apps’. On that list there are two that come with great quality and usefulness. ITS Trucker ranked #4 and uDrove ranked #5.

ITS Trucker is a free download with a monthly subscription to Internet Truckstop. ITS Trucker is available to download on Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 4.0 or later). This app allows you access to Internet Truckstop’s industry leading load board, which you can also search for freight and post your truck right from the app. The app has a variety of useful features as the ‘Get Me Home’ button which quickly lists loads available in a certain radius to your home base. There is also a direct dial function that allows you to touch on the contact number of any company on the screen and it automatically dials them for you. The app also shows any value added tools you may have such as Credit Stop Broker and the Days2Pay feature.

uDrove is also a free download with a monthly subscription to uDrove. The uDrove app is available to download Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 4.0 or later) as well. Udrove replaces in-cab paperwork and delivers the data collected from the app instant to your own web account. uDrove is a faster and more reliable way to maintain in cab paper work. There are plenty of features this app allows such as, maintaining your driver logs, mileage tracking, and proof of delivery confirmation, vehicle inspection reports and real time load tracking.

These are both free downloads and available at We also offer FLT Logistics, CoPilot Truck, ITS Broker and Roady’s Directory.

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